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Unit API


The (Raynigon) Unit API provides an Implementation of JSR-385 with focus on the SI System redefinition, modularity and support for Java SE 17 and above. It integrates into various Frameworks, Libraries and Languages, such as Spring Boot, Hibernate, Jackson, Kotlin and more.
Spring Boot integrations are available as "-starter" modules. The Spring Boot Starter modules will allow you to use the unit-api directly in Spring Boot without configuration. You can also use the Jackson Module, Kotlin Module for non Spring boot Use cases.

Unit of Measurement API

The majority of the code in this library originates from the Unit of Measurement API. The new code enables better integration into Frameworks, Libraries and Languages.

Maven dependencies

Unit API is distributed as separate JARs with a common version number:

  • A core JAR file for core functionality
  • A separate JAR file for each of the specialised modules. Each module's documentation describes the Maven/Gradle dependency to add to your project's build.

The most commonly used modules are explained in the quick start sections:

Kotlin Support

There is a module which adds support for Kotlin operators: