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Jackson Starter

The Jackson Starter provides a convenient wrapper around the Unit API Jackson Module

Project Dependencies

Add the following dependency to your pom.xml/build.gradle file:



The starter automatically adds the UnitAPI Jackson module to the default ObjectMapper bean. If the ObjectMapper bean is created by a custom factory, the module has to be added manually. All instructions are provided here. The UnitAPI Jackson module itself is also provided as a bean.


The Unit-Api Jackson Starter can be configured with Spring Configuration. The root key is spring.jackson.unit-api.


Key Values Description
spring.jackson.unit-api.features.SYSTEM_UNIT_ON_MISSING_ANNOTATION true, false If no Annotation is present and the given input is a number, the system unit for this quantity should be used.


To enable the SYSTEM_UNIT_ON_MISSING_ANNOTATION feature add the following line in your